Searles Bucs

Reliving the Past, Inspiring the Future
Searles Buccaneers are a group of Florida-based re-enactors, specializing in portraying 16th- and 17th-century colonial life. Depending on the event and/or time period our group troops under the following names:  

 Searle's Sack of St. Augustine
Drakes Raid
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Desoto Expedition
Menendez Landing
School of the 16c Soldier
Pirates in Paradise
Charlestowne Landing
Pioneer Days (OCHS)
Talk Like a Pirate Day
English Civil War
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Charlestowne LandingExpedition of Hernando Desoto
(16th-century Spanish)

Men of Menendez
(16th-century Spanish)

Drake's Men
(16th-century English)

Capt. John Tilden's Companie, Prince Rupert's Regiment of Foote 
(English Civil War, Royalist)

Searle’s Buccaneers
(17th-century English)

As a group we perform historically accurate reenactments with fully researched and documented period military drill as well as domestic camp life. Since 1991, our members have participated in 16th and 17th century reenactments throughout the United States and have acquired accurate uniforms, flags, weapons, armor, kitchenware, etc.  The purpose of any of our events is the accurate portrayal of early colonial life (English & Spanish) from the Landing of Ponce de Leon (1513) through the Siege of St. Augustine (1702). This purpose is fufilled with historical research and documented period military drill and domestic camp life. Both military and domestic representations include authentic colors, a trained drummer, as well as period encampments, cooking and singing.

In addition to annual reenactments our groups have also appeared in several film projects including the History Channel's premiere series Conquest of America (2005).

Men of Menendez, Drake's Men & Searles Buccaneers are companies within the Historic Florida Militia, a non-profit 501(c)(3) umbrella organization supporting historic interpretive units that represent a number of cultures and time periods.

Searle's Sack of St. Augustine and Drake's Raid on St. Augustine are paid in part by grants from the St. Johns County Tourist Development Council.